Copyright Info

Unless noted otherwise, images on the Photo Morsels site are those of the site owner and copyright for all such images is asserted.

Private use for personal, non-commercial purposes such as:

  • use by students in homework, educational assignments, etc, the output of which is not widely disseminated; or
  • downloading of images for use as screen savers or backgrounds on privately owned computers

is permitted.  For images used in homework and educational assignments, appropriate attribution back to this site is encouraged.

Reblogging by other user of posts published on the Photo Morsels site is permitted provided that:

  • the reblogger does not imply in his/her comments or by other means that I support a particular political view or cause unless I have granted specific permission for this to occur;
  • where a post has been reblogged onto a blog that I consider offensive or materially at odds with my personal views or beliefs, I will request the owner of that blog to remove the reblog.  Continued display of any reblogged Photo Morsel images after seven calendar days of providing such notice will be considered a breach of copyright.

For any other use, please contact the copyright owner here.

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