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Greetings from Lucerne

Interrupting my efforts to complete the Malaysia travel series of posts, I find myself overseas again, this time for work. Right now I’m in London drying off after viewing the Lord Major’s annual fireworks show. The rain arrived right on cue, just as the fireworks started. Who would have though such a thing would have happened in England.

But for now, I’ll post a couple of images from the one nice day seen since arriving a week ago. To do that, I must jump countries and go back to Switzerland where the prior weekend was spent.

Lake Lucerne from Mt Pilatus

Fabulous views from the peak of Mt Pilatus looking down on Lake Lucerne. Pilatus is 7,000 feet high, the peak seen on the other side of the lake is Rigi, itself 6,000 feet high.

Lucerne at night

Lucerne at night. The old town area of Lucerne must be one of the more photogenic places anywhere.