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Himeji Garden

For some time I’ve admired the photos of the Kyoto area posted by Jeffrey Friedl in his blog. In particular, his images of Japanese gardens have a wonderful dreaminess to them.

I was recently reminded that Adelaide has a Japanese garden tucked away in a corner of the southern parklands, less than a kilometer from the centre of the city. The garden was planted out in the mid-1980’s as a sister city project between Adelaide and Himeji, a city of some 500,000 persons in the Kansai region of southern Honshu island.

I visited the garden when it was quite young, and recently went back with camera in hand. It is now some 25 years old and has matured considerably – the garden, not the camera, that is!

The excuse was to try out a brand new lens – the Pentax FA77 F1.8 Limited – one of the royalty of Pentax’s lens line-up.

So, over to the photos.

Himeji Garden, Adelaide

Entrance to the garden

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