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Batu Caves

Happy new year dear readers!

Where did the last few months go? After returning from my overseas business trip in mid-November I found myself needing a break from staring at computer screens during the evenings (probably related to the fact that I stare at them all day long at work as well). But with a bit of post-Christmas R&R, the push is on to get on and finish the Malaysia posts. After all, the trip there was last April!

This post covers a day trip from central Kuala Lumpur to Bata Caves, a limestone outcrop that holds a series of caves and cave temples 13 kilometres (8 miles) north of central Kuala Lumpur. It takes its name from the Batu River, which flows past the outcrop. ‘Batu’ in Malay translates to ‘stone’.

Batu Caves was/is also the name of a nearby village, but today the northern edge of greater Kuala Lumpur has reached the area, so it perhaps better to now describe Batu Caves as an outer suburb.

Batu Caves is a popular tourist destination and easily reached by the KTM Commuter train system.  From KL Sentral, take the Bata Caves train out to the far end of the line. KL Sentral station itself is located adjacent to the south western terminal of the mono rail that runs through the centre of Kuala Lumpur.

The largest caves within the limestone outcrop form a Hindu temple dedicated to the Lord Murugan, the Tamil God of War, and is one of the most popular Hindu shrines outside of India. Several hundred thousand worshipers may visit Batu Caves during the Tamil Thaipusam festival (around the full moon of January/February), so you have been warned if you are visiting KL at that time of year.

With that intro, onto the photos.

KL Monorail

The KL mono rail at the KL Sentral terminal. The mono rail station was undergoing construction works (April 2014), and although I believe there is an easy walking connection through to the KL Sentral train station, we failed to find it and sent a good few minutes aimlessly roaming about the streets below the mono rail station. Que sera sera.

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