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Gold Coast Dawn

Surfers Paradise, Gold Coast, Queensland

Dragon on the horizon

The week before last I granted myself an extra long weekend, taking a few days annual leave to fly to Queensland’s Gold Coast to visit a friend.

My friend Karim lives right in the heart of the Gold Coast at Surfers Paradise and his home is only a few minutes walk from the shopping/bars/restaurant area and then onto the beach itself. On the Sunday morning, Karim, his boarder Sayuri and I walked down to the beach to catch the day’s sunrise. And a glorious sunrise and morning it was, as this sequence of photos taken over 30 minutes or so illustrates.
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Dawn Patrol

It’s not often that I get up at dawn, but my current enthusiasm for photography is encouraging me to try to see in the start of the day at least once anytime I am away on holidays . Continuing with the visit to the River Murray that has been the subject of other recent posts, this post captures the area at first light. Fortunately for me, the final day of the October long weekend was the second day of daylight saving for summer 2013-14, giving me an extra hour of sleep before the pre-dawn light started to appear 🙂

Dawn breaks over River Murray lagoon

The view from the front door of the tent a little before 6am.

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Red sky at dawn, sailors be warned

I’m not often a dawn riser, but made the effort last weekend.  The prize was this wonderful sunrise looking from Point Turton across Hardwicke Bay on the southern Yorke Peninsula, South Australia.

Dawn, Southern Yorke Peninsula

Dawn, Southern Yorke Peninsula (Pentax K-x, Tamron 17-50mm F2.8)

And sure enough, the next night a blustery change rolled in, and this was the scene the following day:

Stormy morning at Point Turton

Stormy morning at Point Turton (Pentax K-x, Tamron 17-50mm F2.8)

Hopefully the start of our winter rains after a long, dry summer.