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Langkawi: Best of the Rest


A final post to finish up Photo Morsels’ exploration of Langkawi lsland.  It’s been a while since the last Langkawi post or any post for that matter – I initially took a bit of a rest after a busy patch at work, but then came down with an end-of-winter dose of the flu which is taking its own good time to completely pass.

Let’s kick off with some images from the Berjaya Langkawi resort, our accommodation on Langkawi. The Berjaya Langkawi is nestled at the base of the Gunung Machinchang mountain range around 20 minutes drive from the Langkawi airport.

While normally I leave the photo gear technical talk until the end, there’s such a diversity of gear being used through this post I’ll indicate what was being used as I go. I’ve also broken this post into three pages to assist with page loading times, so keep an eye out for the jump points to the next page.

Dawn was when the humidity was low and the temperature pleasant, and the first few images are the product of an early morning walk.

Berjaya Resort, Langkawi

Honeymooners’ seaside rooms at dawn, while the building on the end of the jetty is one of resort’s restaurants. Unfortunately we only ‘discovered’ it on the last night of our stay. Just that little bit cooler out over the water and fabulous ambiance as the sun set. Even had a four piece band roaming among the tables doing requests. My request was the Drifters’ Under the Boardwalk. Seemed appropriate for the location.  Should have gone there earlier in our stay and repeatedly.      [Pentax K-3 + DA 55-300mm zoom @55mm]

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