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The Australian War Memorial (Part 3 – Warbirds)

Today’s post is the third and final installment covering a recent visit to the Australian War Memorial, and explores the Memorial’s aircraft displays.  It was these displays that drew me to visit the Memorial in the first place, being something of a closet plane/train spotter. Continue reading


The Australian War Memorial (Part 2 – The War Relics Collection)

Continuing on from the post introducing our recent visit to the Australian War Memorial, we now move into the Memorial’s museum area, which houses an extensive collection of war related relics and interpretive displays. Continue reading

The Australian War Memorial (Part 1 – Remembering the Fallen)

Ok, here we go.  First content-focused post.

I’ll start out by sharing some images from the Australian War Memorial in Australia’s capital city, Canberra.  My two boys and I recently visited Canberra and southern New South Wales on our now annual ‘boys tour’ taken towards the end of the long summer school holidays. Continue reading