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A warm day in Adelaide

We had a somewhat warm day in Adelaide today, 45.1°C (113ºF).  Our fourth hottest day on record, bumping into fifth place the 45.0°C recorded just one year ago on 4th January 2013.

Our all time record is 46.1°C (115°F) recorded back in 1939, the day before the infamous Black Friday fires broke out across the border in Victoria. This Thursday’s forecast is for 46°C, so it is quite possible later this week that we will have the hottest day ever recorded here.

Two weeks ago, there was an incredibly hot spell in the sparsely populated far north of South Australia.  Temperatures of 48 to 49°C (118-120°F) were recorded for several days in succession. We were spared in the south, with quite cool weather coming in off the Southern Ocean.

So after a cool spring and early summer, it’s safe to say the heat has arrived with a vengeance.

On that hot evening last year I wandered down to the local beaches for a bit of heat relief and to seek out an ice cream.  I took the camera with me to catch the end of the day down at Brighton beach. Tonight seems an appropriate time to share some of those images.

Adelaide, 4th January 2013, 45°C

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