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Dutch Tall Ships in Australia (Port Adelaide Open Day)

Welcome to my second post following the visit of the Dutch Tall Ships to Australia.  In the first post here, I covered a chance encounter with the ships in Fremantle Harbor.

Five weeks on, and the ships have made it to Adelaide for a short stopover before continuing on their way to Melbourne and then onto Sydney for the Royal Australian Navy’s International Fleet Review.

On Saturday 31st August, the ships were open to the public visitors, and quite a crowd turned out for what was a glorious early spring day.

Joining the Europa, Oosterschelde and the Tecla for the open day were the local sailing vessels Falie and the One and All, and the historic steam tug Yelta.

I wandered down to Port Adelaide late in the afternoon and added some more images to my growing set of tall ship photos.

Lord Nelson

The English sail training ship, the Lord Nelson, joined the Dutch tall ships in Adelaide, as she too makes her way towards Sydney. Completed in 1986, she is designed for both able bodied and disabled crew members to actively participate in the sailing of the ship.

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The Sun sets in the West (Part 2)

The first Sun sets in the West post featured a couple of sunset/twilight photos of the Western Australian coast line a little south of Perth down at Mandurah. Back home in Adelaide, South Australia now and today’s late afternoon sky suggested a good sunset might be on the way.  It’s been a bit miserable of late, and a few rays of afternoon sunshine were welcome. So in the car down to Henley Beach with camera and tripod in hand. It’s a 20-30 minutes drive from home and often, once there, the sunset doesn’t turn out as good as hoped. But tonight was kind to me…

Henley Beach Sunset, South Australia

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Himeji Garden

For some time I’ve admired the photos of the Kyoto area posted by Jeffrey Friedl in his blog. In particular, his images of Japanese gardens have a wonderful dreaminess to them.

I was recently reminded that Adelaide has a Japanese garden tucked away in a corner of the southern parklands, less than a kilometer from the centre of the city. The garden was planted out in the mid-1980’s as a sister city project between Adelaide and Himeji, a city of some 500,000 persons in the Kansai region of southern Honshu island.

I visited the garden when it was quite young, and recently went back with camera in hand. It is now some 25 years old and has matured considerably – the garden, not the camera, that is!

The excuse was to try out a brand new lens – the Pentax FA77 F1.8 Limited – one of the royalty of Pentax’s lens line-up.

So, over to the photos.

Himeji Garden, Adelaide

Entrance to the garden

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