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Afternoon on Fjäderholmarna

I hadn’t realised that Stockholm is at the northern end of an archipelago of some 20,000 islands until a week or so before I was due to visit. The archipelago is a popular summertime destination  for both locals and tourists, and an island visit quickly moved onto my “to do” list. Fjäderholmarna is a small group of islands just 20 minutes by ferry from the centre of Stockholm, well served by ferries, and ideal for the time-challenged visitor to make a quick journey out among the islands. My work colleague and I hopped on an early Saturday afternoon ferry on a glorious June day, intending to have lunch over on Fjäderholmarna followed by a bit of a roam about.  Once there I discovered the whole island can be walked around in 20-30 minutes, but packs in a lot of interest. Continue reading

Stockholm at Night

I’ve been promising a few people that I would get around to posting some photos I took of Stockholm at night, or what passes for night a week before the summer solstice.  I’m jumping out of chronological sequence of my travels, so there will be a little bit of back tracking in later posts.

I rather like taking waterside twilight/night photos, and having discovered just before I left Australia that Stockholm is essentially at the top end of an archipelago of some 20,000 islands, I decided to pack my tripod just for the stop in Stockholm. The prolonged evenings at high latitudes was also something not previously experienced, and would be a novelty in itself.

By mid-June, proper late twilight only really gets going after 11pm.  This created a bit of a challenge in itself, as by that stage of the evening a mix of residual jet lag combined with general travel weariness was starting to take its toll.

Anyway, I was happy that the effort was made, and  I hope you will agree that the outcomes weren’t too shabby.

Stockholm in the evening light

Stockholm in the evening light

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The Cutty Sark

The Cutty Sark
Back from an overseas work trip, and starting to make  a dent in reviewing and editing the 1200-odd photos taken over the two weeks I was away.  While the work and act of travelling itself keep me quite busy, I also make a very deliberate effort each trip to get out and about after hours and on weekends to discover the places I am visiting.  A large stack of photos is the usual product of this enthusiasm to explore.

Stop 1 on this year’s journey, after a 26 hour flight from Australia, was London. Arriving at dawn on a Saturday morning, the first priority was a few hours sleep to take the edge off the tiredness.  The day’s plan was said quick rest followed by an afternoon ferry ride down the Thames to Greenwich to see the Cutty Sark. Continue reading