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Walking the dog…

Was down at Sellicks Beach recently, taking my woofa for a run off the leash. He doesn’t take kindly to other dogs, so I take him to some of Adelaide’s less frequented beaches (and generally on a so-so weather day to further ensure I can get some beach to myself).

The beach wasn’t too attractive on this visit, being somewhat scoured out by recent winter storms and with a heap of sea-grass piled up on it. So the camera didn’t get pressed into use.  It did remind me though that I took some shots on a trip down that way last winter which I’ll share now in this post.

Sellicks Beach is the point where the southern Mt Lofty Ranges meet the sea, and the hills often generate light showers as clouds roll in off the sea. This was one such day, but with the photographic bonus that the beach itself remained bathed in sunlight. And rather than my usual Tamron 17-50mm lens, I plonked on a Pentax DA 55-300mm telephoto zoom to seek a somewhat different look.

Sellicks Beach, South Australia

The mid South Coast beaches allow cars to be driven on to selected sections of beach, and in summer time, are popular spots to set up for the day.

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The Sun sets in the West (Part 2)

The first Sun sets in the West post featured a couple of sunset/twilight photos of the Western Australian coast line a little south of Perth down at Mandurah. Back home in Adelaide, South Australia now and today’s late afternoon sky suggested a good sunset might be on the way.  It’s been a bit miserable of late, and a few rays of afternoon sunshine were welcome. So in the car down to Henley Beach with camera and tripod in hand. It’s a 20-30 minutes drive from home and often, once there, the sunset doesn’t turn out as good as hoped. But tonight was kind to me…

Henley Beach Sunset, South Australia

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Himeji Garden

For some time I’ve admired the photos of the Kyoto area posted by Jeffrey Friedl in his blog. In particular, his images of Japanese gardens have a wonderful dreaminess to them.

I was recently reminded that Adelaide has a Japanese garden tucked away in a corner of the southern parklands, less than a kilometer from the centre of the city. The garden was planted out in the mid-1980’s as a sister city project between Adelaide and Himeji, a city of some 500,000 persons in the Kansai region of southern Honshu island.

I visited the garden when it was quite young, and recently went back with camera in hand. It is now some 25 years old and has matured considerably – the garden, not the camera, that is!

The excuse was to try out a brand new lens – the Pentax FA77 F1.8 Limited – one of the royalty of Pentax’s lens line-up.

So, over to the photos.

Himeji Garden, Adelaide

Entrance to the garden

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