Christmas greetings from Adelaide

Well, what happened to Photo Morsels in the second half of 2015? My previous post was way back in July and now it’s less than a day before 2016 arrives.

It seems odd writing this now in the middle of some 38°C weather but winter this year seemed cold and dreary, prompting me to stay in the warm part of the house rather than wander into the not-so-warm room which houses my photo-editing computer. So there went July and August. Then it seemed like I was in any timezone other than my own for a couple of months, mostly work trips but a little holidaying also.

So here I am in the last day of the year. Although there have been no new Photo Morsels posts for a while, I’ve still been busy with my camera, and in coming weeks will look to share some of what I captured over 2015.

T’is the festive season, so first up, Merry Christmas and a happy new year to Photo Morsels readers.

And sticking with the seasonal theme, I share with you an Adelaide Christmas tradition, the Brewery Christmas lights, a favorite of small kiddies since 1959. Nothing too flash in the context of modern era and its wizz bang technologies, but for the target audience of 3 to 10-ish year olds where everything in the world is new and exciting, it remains a great family evening out. Simple, ageless displays that remain thankfully free of trade-marked characters from Disney and the like.

West End Brewery Christmas Lights

West End Brewery Christmas Lights

West End Brewery Christmas Lights

West End Brewery Christmas Lights

West End Brewery Christmas Lights

West End Brewery Christmas Lights

Not sure whether the snowman is smiling or grimacing. Wasn’t really snowman weather on the evening I visited the Brewery Lights – it was still around 33°C at 10pm.

West End Brewery Christmas Lights

West End Brewery Christmas Lights

Vulcan in his cave – probably my childhood favorite. Every so often Vulcan will strike his anvil and a deep rumble is emitted by the volcano, accompanied by sparks from the anvil and lava spitting from the volcano top.

West End Brewery Christmas Lights

West End Brewery Christmas Lights

A shorter exposure for those who didn’t guess what was orbiting the moon!

West End Brewery Christmas Lights

Just so we don’t forget what Christmas is meant to be celebrating.

West End Brewery Christmas Lights

But of course the big guy in the red suit was always going to be making an appearance.

Catch you all in the new year!


Camera Gear

My Pentax K-3 coupled to a Pentax FA 31 Limited lens for the wider shots and a 1980-ish manual focus Pentax M 85mm F2 for the close ups.

Mostly shot at somewhere between 1 and 3 seconds using ISO 100 sensitivity, necessitating a tripod. A couple of the displays had moving elements that I didn’t want blurred so I bumped the ISO up to 800 or 1600 for these, shortening the exposure for these images to around 1/15th second.

In the first image the multi-coloured disc is a slowly revolving ferris wheel. I have no technical explanation as to why the colours separated out into bands like that. Mystery of life.

To Learn More

The Brewery Christmas Lights are a mile or so out of the city centre on the banks of the River Torrens by the West End Brewery. They run from mid-December through to just after New Year.


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