Langkawi: Best of the Rest

No tropical island photo series would be complete without some beach sunsets, so here’s a couple from Pantai Cenang, Langkawi’s main tourist beach.

Pantai Cenang sunset, Langkawi

Pantai Cenang sunset, Langkawi

After the sun set, we looked for dinner somewhere along the beach.  Ended up at Casa Del Mar, a boutique hotel right on the edge of the beach. Priority for meals is given to the house guests, but after await at the bar enjoying a beer or two to wash down the day, we were able to score a table. Excellent food – I recommend the steamed sea bass.

Casa Del Mar, Langkawi

Casa Del Mar, Langkawi

Just next to Casa Del Mar’s outdoor bar was their rather inviting beachside pool.

And after our meal, a roam along Pantai Cenang’s main street.

Pantai Cenang street scene after dark

Pantai Cenang street scene after dark

Pantai Cenang street scene after dark

Pantai Cenang street scene

And that pretty well wraps up Photo Morsels’ Langkawi experience.

Would I recommend Langkawi? Yes.  Would I go back again? Another yes.

Best features – nicely laid back and natural beauty. The local people are nice, polite and focused on delivering a good experience for visitors. And it’s good to see that Langkawi is trying to avoid the attraction of the place being degraded by excessive tourism pressure. Culturally, the island is clearly Muslim in character but this shows up in low key ways, such as some of the architectural styles and an absence of bacon and chipolata sausages at the Berjaya Langlawi’s breakfast bar. Not a complaint there, just an observation. For the curious, cured turkey slices and chicken sausages are used as substitutes, so a Western style hot breakfast can still be had if desired.

I understand the island can be somewhat awash with tourists during the major Asian school holiday periods, so I’d recommend avoiding such times if possible.

Who is it not for? Anyone looking for the hustle bustle and energy of a large city and a burning urge to shop for the latest must-have items. This is a small island some 20kms off the Malay coast, just below the border with Thailand. Shopping mecca it is not. Stop over at Kuala Lumpur if you want the flashy shopping malls and designer labels.


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