Langkawi: Best of the Rest

Back into the tropical sunshine now and a move just down the road from the Berjaya Langkawi resort to the base station for the Gunung Machinchang chairlift and the Oriental Village – a tourista shopping area themed in a faux colonial architectural style and wrapped around a shallow lake.

Oriental Village, Langkawi

[Pentax K-3 + Tamron 17-50mm zoom @ 17mm]

Oriental Village, Langkawi

The lake has a horde of small fish eagerly waiting to be fed. Conveniently there is a fish food vendor nearby happy to sell a bagful for a few ringgits.     [Pentax K-3 + Tamron 17-50mm zoom @ 24mm + polarising filter]

Time out for an artsy Monet inspired photo.

As one frog said to another “Your pad or mine?”. Time out for an artsy Monet inspired photo.     [Pentax K-3 + Tamron 17-50mm zoom @ 50mm + polarising filter]


Exfoliation treatment at the Oriental Village’s beauty clinic. Tickly little buggers once they work their way under the arches of your feet.     [Pentax K-3 + Tamron 17-50mm zoom @ 50mm + ISO1600]

And from this point on, all the remaining photos were taken with my Samsung NX 1000 + Samsung 30mm F2 lens so I’ll stop adding camera and lens details for each photo.

Craft Complex Langkawi

A little further away on the north side of the island is the Langkawi Craft Complex. This looked to be the go-to place on Langkawi for better quality arts and crafts.

Craft Complex, Langkawi

Craft Complex, Langkawi

The resident batik artist’s work was superb. If you have any interest in acquiring a quality piece of batik, he is definitely worth checking out.

Craft Complex, Langkawi

Also worth a look in a separate building to the rear of the complex is a glass blowing business – hot work in a tropical climate. Note the use of Japanese safety sandals by the gentleman on the right.


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