Dayang Bunting Marble Geoforest

Jet skiing, Langkawi

Off again, blasting across a near glassy sea.

Long boats, Langkawi

Beras Basah Island, Langkawi

Final stop was at Beras Basah Island for a cool drink and a bit of a relax before the final leg back to Pantai Cenang.

Beras Basah Island, Langkawi

The water sports centre on Beras Basah Island. The female assistants working their phones for all they’re worth… No skimpy swim suits here as culturally, Langkawi is noticeably Muslim.

Our guides from Mega Water Sports, Langkawi

Guides from Mega Water Sports. Joe Cool on the right was the guide for our group of riders.

Beras Basah Island, Langkawi

Beras Basah Island, Langkawi

Long boats, Beras Basah Island, Langkawi

And back where we started at Pantai Cenang.

Pantai Cenang, Langkawi

And just in time for a nice cold beer with lunch at the beachside Yellow Cafe.

Beer time


Camera Gear

Samsung NX 1000 mirrorless camera with a Samsung 30mm F2 lens. A polarising filter would have come in handy but I don’t yet have one for this lens as it uses a rather uncommon 43mm diameter filter thread.

The camera was packed in a roll top dry bag like you would buy from an outdoor hiking shop and stored in a front compartment of the jet ski, just in front of the handlebars. I’m pleased to report there were no water problems.

To Learn More

Thinking of a visit to Langkawi’s geoparks? More information can be found here: Langkawi Geoparks

Our jetski ride was with Mega Water Sports who did a great job. I definitely recommend them, and their jet ski tours also rank very highly on the Trip Advisor website. Cost per person was around Australian $150 (two passengers sharing a jet ski) which for four hours of activity I thought was pretty good value. You can find their website here. Our trip was ‘Tour 2’.

And where on the island is Dayang Bunting Geoforest?


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