What the heck is this?

Spied a few months back was a rather unusual and bizarre pickled sea creature.

I invite readers to take a stab at identifying what this critter is. No prizes on offer other than a nice warm fuzzy feeling that comes from being correct and the (very limited) internet fame associated with being identified as a marine taxonomy whiz.

Please use the “Leave a reply” box at the bottom of this page to submit your answer.

I’ll let this run for a week or so and then advise this creature’s identity. So as not to spoil the fun for others, I’ll hold any correct answers in the comments approval queue until the answer is announced.  So, if you don’t see your reply posted within a day or so of it being submitted, you may just have hit the nail on the head. Or I may just be busy and haven’t checked my blog!

So, here is the beast…

What's This 002

And another view from head-on.

What's This 001

To provide you with an appropriate sense of scale, this fellow is 5 metres long and weights around 700 kg. And, as I indicated at the top of the post, you are looking at something from the sea.

Happy guessing!

[Update]  I have one correct entry on hand. Any more budding marine biologists out there?


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