Hello and why this blog?

After careful and rigorous assessment, I determined that the Internet at the start of 2013 was still a little light on for photographic images, unsolicited opinions and assorted unstructured information. Well maybe not, but I nevertheless resolved to boldly go forth where many have been before, and add one more photo blog to the mix.

Why, you may ask. Well my hard drive has been steadily accumulating digital photos, most of which appear to be increasingly destined for a very small audience, if anyone at all.  Means to upload and share some of the (hopefully) better images onto the web were explored and considered.  The conceptual problem I found with Flickr, Picasa Web or similar is that images are fighting with thousands of others based merely on the initial appeal it generates for the viewer in maybe one, or it’s lucky, two seconds. Quick glance and and click the forward arrow.

To me, what makes a photo interesting is the story associated with the image, whether that be informative about the subject, technical as to equipment or technique, or the circumstances that led the photographer to the image.  A photo blog appealed as a means of combining images with their stories. Hence the tag-line for the site – where photos and words meet.

The aim is to post small photo essays wrapped in a few words, and to do so on a semi-regular basis.

And Photo Morsels?  Well, a morsel can be:

  • A tasty delicacy; a tidbit.
  • A small amount; a piece.
  • One that is delightful and extremely pleasing.

My posts will mostly meet definition number two, although those who read my work reports and papers may be skeptical.  And let’s see how we go over time meeting the first and third definitions.

Likewise, time will tell if the audience for my images is expanded in any meaningful way, or whether the only person entertained is myself.

This is day one, post number one, introducing the blog while I work on setting up its structure and ponder what subjects will be loaded first.

So, I invite you to visit again around the beginning of March when I have hopefully nutted out this WordPress thing and advanced this blog’s construction in some meaningful way.

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